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REVEALED: Things Every Lady Secretly Likes In Bed ,But Are Too Shy To Say It



Things that every girl secretly likes in bed, but she is too shy to tell.




Because the male and female anatomy is very different, it is sometimes difficult for men to satisfy a girl in bed. But with following some tips, the result of a fantastic s*x life will not be missed. Men could freely say that women are a mysterious puzzle for which they constantly have discoveries and they try to understand what exactly girls expect from s*xual affair. Do they want a romantic room filled with candles? Do they want a gentle approach or quite the opposite, do they want wild s*x?


Here are some things that women secretly prefer in bed.

Kisses On The Neck

Kissing is a pretty intimate thing and allows a deeper communication. Women want when a man is kissing their bodies totally, especially her erogenous zone such as the neck. The kisses on the neck give her a momentary surge of excitement. Only one kiss on the neck is enough to experience the excitement. Some think that the hottest point is right in this place. It’s a very sensitive part that can be sensual. Every girl wants to be kissed in the back of the neck, then gently the man’s tongue to play with her skin. In combination with kisses on the neck, must be included the kissing of the ears, the “treatment” of this area for every girl will bring great pleasure in bed. It is well known that whispering causes the passions to flare up, but the soft touches of this area will make her wait for what’s coming up in the bedroom eagerly.


Play With Her Hair

Many girls admit they like it when a man gently pulls their hair during sex. The fact is that stimulating the nerves in the skin of the head can be very pleasant. On the other hand, playing with hair strands or combing can help you get closer and have a higher degree of confidence, according to researchers at the University of New Hampshire. A survey conducted by a male magazine has placed “pulling hair” on the third most common aggressive movement in bed that women want. So do not be shy, but do not drag her hair too hard. In sex, everything should be “in the middle.”


Play With Her Chest

Talk to your girl about how you can play with her chest. Some women do not like to treat them roughly, while others will enjoy even bites. It is known that the breasts increase slightly when the woman is excited, as many blood vessels bring blood into the tiny capillary surface of her skin. So give them more attention the next time and s*xually please your girl.


Don’t Forget Her Backside

Believe it or not, women adore when they are grasped for the buttocks during lovemaking. Start by gently kissing along the spine and then fingering over the “background” until you reach the tail spray. Then stop. That’ll make her crazy.


Long Foreplay

When it comes to foreplay, there is one rule – The longer, the better! This way, the woman will relax and reach the necessary mood for the further development of events. Couples usually start immediately with the main action, and while it works quite well, it’s only about a raw passion. The seduction should last longer. Women like when men reveal the female body slowly, with their hands and with their eyes. For men, there are two types of foreplay: to be touched and touch, but most men forget that the most significant erotic zone for a woman is her mind. Every woman wants a foreplay that starts out of the bedroom. The best foreplay is one that includes mental stimulation. The excitement in women starts much earlier before they become aware that they want intercourse at all. A woman can be excited by the way you look at her, a statement or a “naughty” talk. A woman likes to feel desirable, and for all of this, you do not need to be in the bedroom. You can be anywhere and start playing foreplay in various ways.

Take Off Her Clothes Slowly

Too often couples are in a hurry to go to the “main course.” Although this way may work great because it is a passion, it is sometimes desirable to go slower and more enjoyable at any time. Take it easy, take her clothes off slowly and let your hands and kisses slowly prepare her for what’s next.


She Is The Most Important

Let everything turn around her. Women like to feel special and desirable. Try to make it all over again all around her. Some women enjoy a massage, some like when a man tries to learn everything to satisfy them. Some people need a conversation. Talk to you girl and find out what stimulates her and what excites her to give her that pleasure. Either way, do not forget to let her know what it means to you, but the work you do down, there is also important, not just words. Every woman wants to feel special, desirable, and she sometimes loves to feel like the only girl in the world. The woman to whom the partner gives it this feeling will return to her loved one with the same measure.


Girls Like To Take Control In Bed

Power can be a great aphrodisiac. And while some women prefer when the man takes control in the bedroom, some prefer to take control of the men. Some people just like to feel that they are running the game in bed or they sexually prefer the pose when they are up, and the man is down. Women love to be dominant in bed. Power is a powerful aphrodisiac for many women and men. By taking control of the bed, women want to show their power and be in a position where their man is submissive. For some women, the dream is to have a partner, sniff it in the back and have access to every part of his body. Others want to have the same amount of power as men and having just a dominant pose in bed is not enough for them.


Take Control

Sometimes women want to be dominant in bed, but sometimes they want their partner to be the one that will take control in the bedroom. Do not misunderstand this: taking control does not mean you have to be rough. In this sense, under the assumption of control, a man is thought to be self-confident, charming, seductive, respectful of the partner and her desires. When a woman wants a man in the bedroom to take control, it means she trusts and leaves him, allowing him to “take” her.



Although romantic and gentle lovemaking is welcome, sometimes women also need a passionate love relationship. Do not be confused by what they want: romance or passion. The thing is that every girl needs some dynamics in the relationship. Why not, sometimes it’s a “dirty” story during lovemaking and sometimes they need an erotic massage, candlelight, and a glass of wine in bed.


Girls Like To Cuddle In Bed After Making Love

Use this little activity to make your girlfriend happy in bed. Boys, even if you have never been supporters of these moments after making love, you should think well to change that. There is nothing difficult, and women, of course, will appreciate it. The study, which brought these interesting results, in which 2,400 people participate, showed that for women, intimacy after sex is as important to them as sex itself, as it seems they always want attention. In other words, the answer lies in men, as many as 71% of women are satisfied with their men in bed if he stays for 6 to 10 minutes to cuddle after making love, rather than those who have not experienced such thing. Women admit that they feel very vulnerable after sex, and that embraces and kisses come as a comfort, in which way their partner shows them how much he cares about them. Even if you have never practiced this thing, here is one great reason to make a small change for you, but of great importance to your loved one.




Women can be a mystery to men, especially when it comes to the question – What women want to do during sex or before it? How can a man s*xually please his woman? But there are those who are not ashamed and afraid to say what they secretly want

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