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There are two ways to increase income

1 You can unlock higher-level VIP areas by charging, while investing 5000N on the ordinary VIP2 level can earn up to 6.4% (350N). VIP3 members invest 30,000N, and you will get a 7% (2100N) reward within one day. VIP4 members invest 100000N, you can earn up to 7.2% (7200N) in one day

2 Team income:The reward for directly increasing the first-level user is 16% of the daily commission of the first-level user, and the reward for the second-level user is 8% of the daily commission of the second-level user. The third-level user reward is 5% of the third-level user’s daily commission


First, let me introduce you to work

This NOW part-time job is very simple. As long as you register and download the mobile app to help Ebay merchants complete the order tasks, you can earn commission income every day

NOW is to help NOW merchants improve their sales data and increase their sales. NOW earns merchant commissions and distributes 90% of the revenue to NOW users, achieving the goal of user cooperation and win-win!

You need to register your own member account, free registration URL:


Register and download the app, you will get 500 naira, which is a reward for newcomers




Download to facilitate work. (The invitation code is:QBI78LQJ)


Daily work content: 1. Complete 20 tasks every day and get 6%-8% income immediately

2. Share with friends to get referral rewards (100 naira), he will become your subordinate, and the platform will release management commissions to you(And tell him: After completing the registration, download the application, you will get 500 naira)


1. Charge up to perform advanced tasks and get high commissions

2. Develop the team quickly and get high team income

Give you two examples

Example: Invest in 30,000 areas to complete tasks and earn 2,300 per day

2500 * 30 You can earn 75,000 in one month, plus 30k investment can reach 100,000

(After upgrading to Vip4, you will be able to complete tasks in the 100k area)

Example: Your team members invest 30k to earn 2500 per day

You will get a commission of 2500 * 16%, with a ratio of 400.

When you have 100 members investing, you will earn an extra 40000 per day


Incentive policy:

1. Regarding the number of registrations, all teams report registration data once a day. New registrant data for the team. 100 rewards per person

2. For the first recharge of all subordinates of all partners in the group, I will reward 500 naira (member’s recharge only rewards the first recharge)


From Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, the withdrawal method is that after the withdrawal is approved today, your funds will immediately enter your bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2000N, and 18% personal income tax needs to be withdrawn.

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GL LESSON: Don’t Build Your Mansion On A Rented Land (SEE WHY)



On this publication, I’m going to use social media influencer Tunde Ednut and United States president Donald Trump as case studies. Gostloadedites, this is really read carefully to the end.

Do not put your trust on social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you really want to grow and successful in your business and career.


If you had $100 million in your personal bank account and you wanted to build a house worth $50 million, which of the following would you do:


A: Look for a landed property to rent, pay the landlord $20 million and build a gigantic building on it with $30 million?




B: Buy your own land instead and build a gigantic building on it using the $50 million?


I know for different reasons, some of you will choose A. It could be because of the location, the connection, for show off, for fame etc. But for me, I’d go for B. You know why?


I rather spend the whole $50 million on acquiring my own property instead of paying rent of $20 million to another man’s land.


Yoruba people will always say “Aja ti yo sonu, koni gbo fere olode” Meaning, a dog that will get lost will never listen to the hunters’ whistle”.

Many people will wake up one day and see that majority of what they have labor for online is gone just like that.🤦

You are an internet entrepreneur, a Blogger, social media influencer, etc. I have few questions for you.

Outside of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, DO YOU HAVE AN EFFECTIVE WAY OF REACHING OUT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS? If your account get banned or suspended right now, what’s your fate? What next with your career and business?


See let me tell you. Personally, I Sir-Godwin, I don’t like putting much resources and energy on anything I don’t have absolute control over, because anything can happen at anytime.


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