Let laugh:- joke for the day

Ghost 1 : How did you die?

Ghost2 : I was mistakenly locked up in a freezer.At first I was

freezing and then I couldn’t breathe and died.

Ghost 1 :Oh! What a sad way to die!¡

Ghost 2 : Yeah. How did you die?

Ghost 1 : I died of heart attack.I came back from work and saw a

man’s pair of shoe at my doorsteps.I rushed into the room and saw

my wife naked alone on the bed.I searched everywhere including the

kitchen, all the other bedrooms, I mean everywhere but I couldn’t find

the man! I just sat on the floor and suddenly developed a heart

attack and died.

Ghost 2 : Did you check from the refrigerator?

Ghost 1 : No

Ghost 2 : Idiot! You should have checked the refrigerator and both of

us would have been alive by now.


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