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Public and private primary and secondary schools i

Lagos State are not reopening on Monday, January 4,

2021, as earlier announced, in tact, their reopening

depends on how the second wave of COVID-19 goes, it

was gathered on Sunday.

While prodded on whe ther the schools would reopen as

earlier announced by the Ministry of Education, the

spokesman, Mr Kayode Abayomi, noted that recent

developments concerning the second wave of the

pandemic would not allow that.

Please, recall that the Ministry of Education earlier

announced 4th of January as resumption date for the

second term 2020/2021 academic session, but this has

since been overtaken by the turn of events due to the

recent waves of Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of the spike in Coronavirus pandemic, Mr.

Governor announced the indefinite closure of all

schools. To this end, kindly be informed that a new date

of resumption will be announced as soon as possible”,

Abayomi stated.

Recall that following a spike in COVID-19 cases, the

Federal Government said all schools should be shut

down till January 18 to know the trend the development

is taking before deciding to reopen schools or not


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Press Release

The Rivers State Ministry of Education informs School Owners, Administrators, Parents and Guardians that the results of the 2020 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) have been released.

The Ministry enjoins all candidates who sat for the examination to visit their schools for collection.

The Ministry states that:
HENCEFORTH, Candidates seeking to register for SSCE must present original copy of their BECE certificate as a prerequisite for registration.

Candidates who have registered for the 2021 SSCE must present their BECE certificate before the completion of their registration.

Candidates seeking to benefit from the state government’s bankrolled UTME registration must also present original copy of their BECE certificates.

Public and Private Schools by this announcement must ensure students seeking to be admitted into SS1 to SS3 present original copy of their BECE certificates at the point of registration

The Ministry solicits the cooperation of all heads of schools to drive this course.

Schools can apply for the BECE certificates at

Sir. Chidi Adiele
Permanent Secretary
Rivers State Ministry of Education

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Best Calendar Apps for Lawyers



As an attorney, making a good first impression matters a lot. You don’t want to show up late in your first meeting with a client or show-up unprepared. This is where a good calendar and scheduling app can come in handy. Here we share some of the best Calendar apps for lawyers that will help you make every meeting count.


A calendar app enables you schedule meetings and appointments. All you need to do is input the date and time of the meeting or appointment and how early you wish to be reminded and the app will setup a reminder.


With a properly setup schedule on your calendar app, missing deadlines will be in your past. It will also ensure you never show up late for meetings and appointments with clients.

Top Calendar Apps for Legal Professionals

1. Calendar.AI



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This is not just your traditional calendar app. Calendar.AI is a smart calendar app that syncs with both Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar (Outlook) and can present insights on people and companies you are going to meet.

So, you are not only getting reminded of your meeting and appointment, you can also get information about the people or companies you are meeting.


This extra but invaluable feature makes you putout the best first impression, which is invaluable for a lawyer. This ensures you make every meeting count.


Having useful information about your clients beforehand will make you exude confidence and help you become a people person (or at least seem like one). You also get information about the weather.


Calendar.AI provides you with useful insights about the people and companies you are scheduling meetings with. The insights are pulled from sources like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and viewable directly in the Calendar app.


To keep things focused you can add an agenda to the calendar. You can also make private notes as well as add meeting minutes into the App.


In case a video conference meeting is preferred by your client, Calendar.AI integrates seamlessly with Zoom Meetings, GoToMeeting, Webex, and Skype for Business. Such flexibility, can make you a preferred attorney for clients.


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The app also integrates well with scheduling apps like Calendly, Doodle,, Acuity Scheduling, Setmore Appointments, Superhuman.


Calendar.AI is currently available for download at the Google Play store and on the App Store for iOS devices.

2. Google Calendar

Compared to Calendar.AI, Google Calendar is a more focused calendar app. It syncs with Gmail making it easy to add events.


With the Google Calendar, if your client sends you an email for an appointment or a court date is sent to you via email, the dates become clickable making it one click away to adding them to your schedule.


The app is preinstalled in Android devices and available for download on the app store for iOS devices. It can be integrated to many other apps (especially productivity apps) just like Calendar.AI, making it a must have for an attorney.


3. Office 365 Calendar (Outlook)

This calendar is built from the ground up for businesses. One great benefit of Office 365 is that it syncs across multiple devices, from mobile phones to tablets and PC.


This means you can add an appointment to the calendar on your work computer in the office and access your entries on your smartphone while on the move.


This is another versatile calendar app and just like Google Calendar can integrate to numerous other productivity apps, including Calendar.AI.


The Outlook calendar is great for Law firms as all public calendar entries can be visible to all making it easier to allocate resources.

The Outlook calendar is great for Law firms as all public calendar entries can be visible to all making it easier to allocate resources.

4. Accompany

Accompany is very similar to Calendar.AI. Once you schedule a meeting with anyone on the app, it collects relevant information about them and their company and presents them within the app.


This feature, makes it a great solution for lawyers as it ensures you are always prepared before meeting clients. Accompany is only available for iOS devices.


5. Timepage

Built by Moleskine, a company better known for notebooks, Timepage app offers beautiful calendar view. The iOS exclusive app also makes for easy and fast event entry. You get split-screen support on iPad.

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Best Accounting Software Vendors in Nigeria – 3 Tips to Choose Desktop and Cloud Accounting Providers



Before the advent of technology, maintaining the books of account of a small and growing business requires careful entry of numbers in a paper ledger. This is not anymore because today businesses of all sizes in different industries – retail and manufacturing, financial services, real estate and property management, co-operatives, credit, and finance, etc – use accounting software to track their cash flow, as well as to project revenue and take timely business decisions.

You want to see the prices of genuine accounting software here? Please click here to visit online store for QuickBooks, Sage 50, Busy and Tally ERP

Remarkably, accounting software reduces the potential for human errors that come with data entry on paper, and it allows you to generate complete financial and management reports that would have ordinarily taken hours to access on paper.

But the challenge now is, with so many accounting software options available, how do you find the right accounting software vendor in Nigeria that will help you pick the best for your business?


Below are four tips to help you find the best accounting software vendors that will best serve the needs of your small and growing enterprise in Nigeria


1. What is your line of Business?

Your first step to finding the right accounting software vendor for your business is to look at your line of business, or industry and how you operate. This way, you have an idea of the features of the software and how it will work.


Depending on your industry, you might want to buy specialized software or one that is easily customizable for businesses in your niche.


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Let’s say, for example, you run a real estate and property management business, you’d want accounting software that will not only manage transactions that are tailored to each property but also compare the financial performance of each of the properties and rental payments.

And if you run a retail and manufacturing business, your key considerations are tracking inventory purchases, sales, and expenses and generating a real-time report on how your business is doing.

The same also applies to a credit and finance firm that focuses on lending to customers at specific interest for different repayment periods. Such type of business requires additional charts of account customizations; create account heads to track interest income, receivables, cost of funds, and profit or loss position.

And so on.

2. Is your Vendor a Registered and Experienced Partner in Sales, and Deployment of Accounting Software?

In this era where remote hacking is increasing resulting in the loss of billions of dollars year on year, buying a pirated copy of accounting software should be completely out of your options.

Yes! Accounting software packages may be expensive but losing your private data to unauthorized hackers via spyware is costlier. This is a strong reason you can’t afford to buy your next software from unregistered accounting software partners.

An accounting software vendor isn’t someone that sells QuickBooks, Sage, Tally, Busy, or any other ERP software, but one who is able to understand a client’s line of business, spot specific financial reporting needs in that industry and can recommend a workable solution that is easily adaptable. And this only comes from years of experience in implementing similar solutions for related businesses.


As a new or existing business looking for a good accounting software solutions, it makes more sense to verify the authenticity of the license you are buying so you don’t get caught in a sudden shut down of your software as a result of unregistered license.


For instance, a client called us to request for migration of 6 years financial data from Sage Quantum software to QuickBooks Enterprise but their company’s file wasn’t readable on our conversion tool because the software isn’t licensed.


We had to send their data to our technical partner in the US for proper conversion, this cost them more than they expected since they couldn’t afford to give up on historical records.


3. Do they offer support Cloud or Desktop or Both?

With the increasing adoption of remote access to financial data and reports, cloud computing has become a very important influencer of business operations. As you look into the specific features of accounting software suitable for your line of business, you also need to confirm that your vendor can offer both desktop and cloud solutions.


The desktop solution is installed on your computer system and accessible on that PC where the data file is stored. You can’t access it remotely but the cloud application gives you unrestricted access from any location as long as you have a strong internet connection.


While some cloud accounting doesn’t require a license during setup, you can also take the licensed desktop application to the cloud but this requires a virtual server.


Your preferred solution provider shouldn’t be able to advise you on which platform is best for your accounting and financial reporting needs but offer a trusted infrastructure on which your solution should run.

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