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51 Sleepless Nights




Watching my son Andrew kick the winning goal. That‘s my

dream. Or catching his eye as he holds the science-fair trophy,

head held upright with the pride of our triumph. I still

remember how my own father looked the night my high school

football team won state. Two of my teammates hoisted me onto

their shoulders, and when Dad saw me, it was as though he

forgave himself for every mistake he‘s ever made – all because

he raised me into the man I had become.

I don‘t care what Andrew decides to pursue in life, I just want

him to be great at it. Isn‘t that what all father‘s want? He‘s going

to be eight next month, and I know the next generation‘s best

(his future competition) have already begun to refine their

talents. Mozart began playing at 3, Picasso could draw before he

could talk, and Michael Jackson was performing live by 6 years


It‘s taken awhile for Andrew to find his niche, but lately he‘s

started getting really into mountain and trick biking. His mother

(Amy) thinks it‘s too dangerous, but I know how important it is

to be passionate about your skillset, so I encourage him every

chance I get. Amy just doesn‘t understand. She would see one

little cut or bruise, and then suddenly that‘s all that mattered. I

say if you aren‘t willing to bleed a little to achieve your dreams,

then you don‘t deserve to have them come true.

That‘s why we started practicing in secret. I‘d tell Amy that

we were just going to ride around the block. We‘d both pedal

until the house was out of sight, then we‘d blast off toward the

hills wearing the same conspiratorial grin. He was good too,

fearlessly bouncing down cliffs and rocky slopes that would

have even given me pause. Every day he came home a little

stronger, and a little more confident than the day before. Every

day I knew it was worth all the exhaustion and sneaking

around, because he was going to be the best and I was going to

be the one who made it happen.

That is, until the day when it wasn‘t worth it anymore. We‘d

just gotten home from a trick competition at the skate park,

although it was hardly fair since Andrew was still 8 and all the

other kids were teenagers. Andrew slipped up while trying a

nose-wheelie, and was disqualified before even getting to show

off what he‘d been practicing. We were both so frustrated, but I

was still proud of him for not wasting any time and getting

straight back to the hillside to practice.

I could tell he wasn‘t being cautious this time. It was my fault

for applauding and egging him on to tackle bigger boulders and

obstacles. When you‘re disappointed, you can either give up or

try harder, and I just didn‘t want my boy to quit. When he asked

if I thought he could ramp off a rock to clear the ravine, I told

him what I thought he needed to hear.

―You can do anything you put your mind to,‖ I said.

We were wrong for believing in each other. I shouted when I

saw his back tire slipping right before he made the jump, but it

was already too late to do anything about. The bike pitched

forward and hurled him straight over the handlebars, twisting

the bike around on top of him as he flipped. Long before I heard

the grotesque snapping of his impact, I knew he wasn‘t going to walk away from this alright.


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[Album] Feels Like Home – Israel and New Breed



Dove and GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter, producer and worship leader, Israel Houghton and New Breed bring the release of a new album titled “Feels Like Home: The Quarantine Worship Experience.”


The 14-track album is a compilation of Isreal and the new breed’s at-home intimacy of Worship Wednesday sessions recorded live from Houghton’s sister-in-law’s New York, USA.


The Feels Like Home project blossomed out of Houghton’s idea in early 2020 to remotely stream worship services, the impetus behind what would become his “Worship Wednesdays,” after seeing an opportunity to explore and reinvent group worship dynamics online throughout the pandemic.


“New Breed celebrated our 20th year together in 2020,” says Houghton. “And although the entire landscape changed with how we do concerts and touring, we knew it was still important to come together. I’m grateful for the sacrifices made by everyone on our team to carefully gather and participate in this offering. Truth be told, it’s one of the most rewarding worship experiences I’ve ever been a part of.”


The album includes a new song; “Hymn of Breakthrough,” a brightly burning, slow-building epiphany of the “sound of breakthrough” as it echoes throughout the ensemble.


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[Music + Video] Live For You – Adegail



Gospel performing and recording artiste, Adegail shows up with another enthralling song and video titled “Live For You.”


The message of “Live For You” spreads hope amidst the current pandemic & encourages others to worship/live out their purpose boldly, like she has been doing unashamedly for the last few years. This debut took 3 years to make and was initially live recorded during Adegail’s 2019 headline iRadiate Event.


The song captures the heart of serving God no matter what the circumstances look like and will encourage any purpose-driven believer through the changing seasons of life. The song has been described as ‘perfect’ for this pandemic season and is inspiring hundreds of people to live a purpose-driven life. The live recorded video is now out and the song has featured on the UK and international platforms and radio stations.


Adegail demonstrates to her supporters what it looks like to live out their purpose boldly via her social media platforms, her iRadiate, Astepfwd and church roles. Since June 2019 she has helped to either equip, encourage, educate and empower close to 200 of her fellow community members/independent artists via her 2019 founded iRadiate events.


As a strong advocate for using your God-given gifts and talents, she is now choosing to use her original music/live recorded music videos to get this message across. Some of her greatest musical influences are Tori Kelly, Mali Music, Jonathan McReynolds and in recent years the penmanship of Todd Galberth and Todd Dulaney.


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Open Heaven Monday 22nd February 2021 – The Power In A Name



Open Heaven Monday 22nd February 2021 Daily Devotional Guide By Pastor E.A Adeboye

TOPIC: The Power In A Name



“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;” – (Philippians 2:10)


READ: Philippians 2:9-11 (KJV)

9. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name;


10. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;


11. And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


Open Heaven Monday 22nd February 2021 Devotional Guide By Pastor E.A Adeboye:

Many people wonder why names are important. Well, to start with, a name says a lot about the bearer. The Bible says that whatever Adam named the animals, that is what they were called (Genesis 2:19). What you are called has serious consequences on what you become.


When I was a lecturer at the University of Lagos, there was a Professor’s typist who everyone jokingly called Prof. Whenever they called him Prof, he would smile and reply, “Yes, yes”. Then one day, he made a life changing decision. “I am a typist, but everybody calls me Professor. Then Professor I will become”. He then began to attend evening classes and little by little, he passed his exams and gained admission into the University. Before I left the University of Lagos, the typist was already studying for his Ph.D. All these came about because a typist was called a Professor.


God takes names very seriously. In Genesis 17:5 He changed Abram’s name to Abraham, then in Genesis 17:15 He changed Sarai’s name to Sarah.


God also changed Jacob’s name as well in Genesis 32:28:

And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel…


God changed their names when He wanted to promote them. He gave them new names that reflected what He wanted to make out of them. This teaches us that if we want to go to a new level, we should begin to bear the name for that level.


Just as we see in our Bible reading for today, God exalted Jesus by giving Him a name that is above every other.


What is the next level that you want to attain? Start bearing the name that reflects that new level from now. However, if you think that you might get into trouble by asking people to call you that name, stand in front of your mirror and begin to call yourself that name as often as you can.


Some believers answer to funny nicknames that are not a reflection of who they want to be; worse still, some even call themselves such names in a bid to appear modest. Don’t answer to such nicknames anymore.


The name you answer to is what you will become.



What is the name that you are called? Is it a reflection of what you want to become? If not, change that name immediately.



Exodus 2-4





1. All hail the power of Jesus’ Name!

Let angels prostrate fall;

Bring forth the royal diadem,

and crown Him Lord of all.

Bring forth the royal diadem,

and crown Him Lord of all.


2. Let highborn seraphs tune the lyre,

and as they tune it, fall

Before His face Who tunes their choir,

and crown Him Lord of all.

Before His face Who tunes their choir,

and crown Him Lord of all.


3. Crown Him, ye morning stars of light,

Who fixed this floating ball;

Now hail the strength of Israel’s might,

and crown Him Lord of all.

Now hail the strength of Israel’s might,

and crown Him Lord of all.


4. Crown Him, ye martyrs of our God,

who from His altar call;

Extol the Stem of Jesse’s rod,

and crown Him Lord of all.

Extol the Stem of Jesse’s rod,

and crown Him Lord of all.


5. Ye seed of Israel’s chosen race,

ye ransomed from the fall,

Hail Him Who saves you by His grace,

and crown Him Lord of all.

Hail Him Who saves you by His grace,

and crown Him Lord of all.


6. Hail Him, ye heirs of David’s line,

Whom David Lord did call,

The God incarnate, Man divine,

and crown Him Lord of all,

The God incarnate, Man divine,

and crown Him Lord of all.


7. Sinners, whose love can ne’er forget

the wormwood and the gall,

Go spread your trophies at His feet,

and crown Him Lord of all.

Go spread your trophies at His feet,

and crown Him Lord of all.


Open Heaven Monday 22nd February 2021 Devotional guide was written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the largest evangelical church in the world and also the President of Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries

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