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51 Sleepless Nights




Watching my son Andrew kick the winning goal. That‘s my

dream. Or catching his eye as he holds the science-fair trophy,

head held upright with the pride of our triumph. I still

remember how my own father looked the night my high school

football team won state. Two of my teammates hoisted me onto

their shoulders, and when Dad saw me, it was as though he

forgave himself for every mistake he‘s ever made – all because

he raised me into the man I had become.

I don‘t care what Andrew decides to pursue in life, I just want

him to be great at it. Isn‘t that what all father‘s want? He‘s going

to be eight next month, and I know the next generation‘s best

(his future competition) have already begun to refine their

talents. Mozart began playing at 3, Picasso could draw before he

could talk, and Michael Jackson was performing live by 6 years


It‘s taken awhile for Andrew to find his niche, but lately he‘s

started getting really into mountain and trick biking. His mother

(Amy) thinks it‘s too dangerous, but I know how important it is

to be passionate about your skillset, so I encourage him every

chance I get. Amy just doesn‘t understand. She would see one

little cut or bruise, and then suddenly that‘s all that mattered. I

say if you aren‘t willing to bleed a little to achieve your dreams,

then you don‘t deserve to have them come true.

That‘s why we started practicing in secret. I‘d tell Amy that

we were just going to ride around the block. We‘d both pedal

until the house was out of sight, then we‘d blast off toward the

hills wearing the same conspiratorial grin. He was good too,

fearlessly bouncing down cliffs and rocky slopes that would

have even given me pause. Every day he came home a little

stronger, and a little more confident than the day before. Every

day I knew it was worth all the exhaustion and sneaking

around, because he was going to be the best and I was going to

be the one who made it happen.

That is, until the day when it wasn‘t worth it anymore. We‘d

just gotten home from a trick competition at the skate park,

although it was hardly fair since Andrew was still 8 and all the

other kids were teenagers. Andrew slipped up while trying a

nose-wheelie, and was disqualified before even getting to show

off what he‘d been practicing. We were both so frustrated, but I

was still proud of him for not wasting any time and getting

straight back to the hillside to practice.

I could tell he wasn‘t being cautious this time. It was my fault

for applauding and egging him on to tackle bigger boulders and

obstacles. When you‘re disappointed, you can either give up or

try harder, and I just didn‘t want my boy to quit. When he asked

if I thought he could ramp off a rock to clear the ravine, I told

him what I thought he needed to hear.

―You can do anything you put your mind to,‖ I said.

We were wrong for believing in each other. I shouted when I

saw his back tire slipping right before he made the jump, but it

was already too late to do anything about. The bike pitched

forward and hurled him straight over the handlebars, twisting

the bike around on top of him as he flipped. Long before I heard

the grotesque snapping of his impact, I knew he wasn‘t going to walk away from this alright.


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Spoken Word Poetry (Worship) by Darasimi



The Mount Zion Studio which is also a part of the Mount Zion Film Ministry founded by Jaymikee released a powerful Spoken Word Poetry (Worship) by Darasimi.

This Spoken word revealing our primary purpose in this world and many exciting words. Watch the video below and please share your thoughts.

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TROG World Media Named Best PR Team In Nigeria




TROG World Media Named Best PR Team In Nigeria

Foremost media and public relations agency, TROG World Media, has been named Nigeria’s Event Publicist Of The Year by Blingz Events Awards.

The agency was crowned at an award ceremony, which took place at Mauve 21 event centre, on Sunday, 18th April 2021

Known for its transparency and distinct way of honouring people and brands for their contributions,

Blingz Award has become a foremost award in the industry.


Speaking after receiving the award, Mr Gbenga Oyetola,  TROG Media Member who received the award on behalf of the TROG CEO, Tolu Oluwo, commended  the organizers for the transparent survey used to enlist the agency as the best leading PR/Media Team in the country.

TROG World media which  is known for its good PR/Media work in four (4) Continents in the world: Africa, Asia, The Americas and Europe respectively, has really proved its worth by winning the award amidst pomp and pageantry at Blingz Awards.


TROG world media team appreciates everyone for their votes and support so far and for trusting in the team good work, Mr Tolu Oluwo the CEO and  founder of TROG world media said the team will never relent in giving the best to their Clients all over the world, and solving complex problems in record time; for which they are known.

The award ceremony was attended by dignitaries across Nigeria on April 18, 2021

In attendance were, the former House of Representatives member, Hon. Dapo Lam Adesina, Oyo State, Commissioner for youth and sports; Seun Fakorede, CEO Stone Café; Asiwaju Segun Olalere, CEO Titan Farms; Engr Gbenga Olatunbosun, CEO Fresh FM; Yinka Ayefele,

We also had leading Nollywood actors Femi Adebayo, Johnson Adeniyi, etc and the CEO Olufest Micro finance bank, Ambassador Festus Olubiyo; CEO Fotham Express; Engineer Tolulope Folorunsho and many others.

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Fast Rising Comedian Pastor Chinko Set To Hold Comedy Show, “Funny Me”




Fast Rising Comedian Pastor Chinko Set To Hold Comedy Show, “Funny Me”
Oluwadamilare Adedeji, popularly known as ‘Pastor Chinko’ is an event compere/comedian in the city of Ibadan.
Pastor Chinko is a gifted comedian who had the childhood dreams of becoming a renowned comedian.
Filled with the passion and determination to be successful in the career which speaks to his heart in a language that is deeply personal, Pastor Chinko began the journey right from his elementary school days where he was renowned for his ability to make people laugh.
He had his first performance at his church and since then developed the zeal to venture into the entertainment industry. For his journey so far, his commentary was that “God has been so good steadily.”
Asked about his coming show which was tagged: “The Funny Me,” he said the event is amined at proving to the public that he could do beyond Chinese concept and that he is funny by nature. According to him, that he is  “a professional/talented standup Comedian.”
But he is of course not new to the industry, he has done so many events in the past; Lafta Unlimited is the show tag.
Sub themes are The flip in 2017, SHAOLIN LAFTA in 2019, this year LAFTA UNLIMITED2021 THE FUNNY ME.
On how far he has gone with achieving his career goals, he said: “We have achieved the goal of coming out to the limelight now to the next one by moving the show around the continent.”
Pastor Chinko who holds NCE certificate in Business Eduaction and a degree certificate in Mass Communication, is also into photography, videography and jingle production aside comedy.
He looks up to Evangelist Yinka Aiyefele, A.Y Comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, Odunlade Adekola as well as Dr smile in the entertainment industry.

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